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Welcome to the Bigelow PTO!

The Bigelow PTO is the parent-teacher organization of the Bigelow Middle School. All Bigelow parents, guardians, teachers and staff are members of the PTO, and we encourage the participation of all in its activities. There are approximately 500 students and over 450 families at Bigelow – one of the four middle schools in Newton, MA.

We are dedicated to provide support and information to the parent community and promote the core values of the Bigelow Middle School by supporting an environment wherein they will develop respect for self and others, a sense of responsibility for oneself and the community, and a love of learning.

The Bigelow PTO is a volunteer organization and the Board Members are elected every year. Click HERE to see a list of current PTO Board Members.

Events and activities

In order to fulfill its purposes, the Bigelow PTO promotes community, social, cultural, educational and fundraising activities throughout the year, including:

What the PTO supports

Funds raised by the PTO (thanks to member’s dues, events and donations) support Bigelow performing arts, technology, literature, cultural events and lots more for our children and the school, including:

We invite you to be an active member of our community by participating in our activities. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and build school community. There are many opportunities to get involved. Check out how to volunteer.

The purpose of the PTO

As stated in our By-Laws and incorporated herein by reference, the purpose of the Bigelow PTO is to:

  • promote the educational, intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of the Bigelow Middle School students and support the efforts of the staff in providing an optimal educational experience for students;
  • promote the core values of the Bigelow Middle School by supporting an environment wherein they will develop respect for self and others, a sense of responsibility for oneself and community, and a love of learning;
  • encourage cooperation, collaboration and communication between staff and parents and serve as a medium of contact between home and school;
  • provide support and information to the parent community, i.e., keeping them abreast of city- and state-wide educational issues and social issues of the middle-school-age child.

Bigelow PTO encourages the participation of all Bigelow Middle School faculty, staff, parents and students in its activities.

To read the full text of PTO by-laws: Bigelow PTO By-Laws

Communication and contact

The PTO keeps families up-to-date with what is going on in the school and in the community. The main form of communication between the PTO and your family is through e-mail.

We send Bigelow PTO Notes every Sunday evening. This weekly newsletter will provide you with important dates, details on activities/club sign ups, PTO functions, school events, information on ways to get involved and other pertinent information needed to navigate the school year.

The PTO also sends Community Notes, prepared by the Newton PTO Council, on Wednesdays, as a service to our community.

If you are not yet receiving emails from the PTO, please click here to sign up for the email list.

As of August 2018, the PTO has a Facebook page.

Check out all the other ways you can keep up to date with the happenings at Bigelow.

To contact the PTO, please send an email to bigelowbulldog@gmail.com

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