The Bigelow Family Directory is hosted online at MySchoolAnywhere, a secure and easy to use school directory portal. It is a convenient, environmentally conscious system, that can be updated throughout the school year.

Bigelow families are automatically in the directory unless they specifically opt out when confirming their data. Parents that do not update their data will be displayed as entered.


Go to the Directory

Once you log in you can find families by last name, student name and grade. You can also print the directory by grade or a list of your favorites.  The directory also includes Bigelow teachers and administration staff contact information.

If you are new to Bigelow, if you have forgotten your directory access info, or if you are unsure about whether or not you are in it, please email us with your name and your child’s name(s) at

The success of the system is dependent on every family logging in and editing their information. Families can edit their name, address, and phone numbers, and each family can decide which pieces of information will be available for others to view through the privacy settings.

Online and Paper Directory

Access to the online directory is free and it can be used by all Bigelow families. If you would like to also have a printed copy of the directory, the PTO offers one when you pay your membership dues. Just go to the Bigelow Directory store to pay your dues and order your hard copy of the school directory, which will be distributed on Back to School Night (10/04/18).

Thank you!