The Bigelow PoPS are the Parents of Performing Students, and that means all of you who have children at the Orchestra, Chorus, Band, A Capella, and Drama. So welcome to the team!

PoPS was created about 10 years ago to support the performing arts at Bigelow, through advocacy, fundraising, coordination, and volunteering.

Contact bigelowpops@gmail.com for more information!

A little note and history

in the past Mr. Livingston (former Bigelow music teacher until 2018) had run the band and orchestra virtually single handedly and had not asked for anything from the PoPS. The purchases have always benefited the entire performing arts program, but we have not done specific tasks for those groups.

Ms. Trimpey (current music teacher) made us aware in the fall that there were parents who had voiced interest in being involved. At the time the fundraising was on hold, but we are now able to move forward with planning.

VOLUNTEER! PoPS 2018-2019 Update Bigelow Performing Arts

What the PoPs does

  • Advocacy for the arts
  • Determine purchases in collaboration with school leaders
  • Assisting the PTO with fundraising
  • Coordination of events related to shows and concerts as needed
  • Volunteering to lend a hand to our dedicated fine arts faculty and staff as needed to prepare for shows and concerts
  • Meet 2 times a year to plan fundraising and purchases
  • Student Producer Program (assist student team in managing programs, tickets, posters, publicity and t-shirts)
  • Auditorium Improvement Committee