How PoPS supports the performing arts programs

In 2019, funds raised by the PoPS helped to support Bigelow performing arts programs, as well as the Bigelow community as a whole, thanks to improvements to the auditorium. The PoPS are still working with a surplus thanks to auditorium upgrades by NPS. Other performing arts items to be funded will be discussed throughout the school year. See meeting minutes for more information.

April 2019 – Spots!!

The PoPS funded the purchase of two new free standing spotlights to improve the stage lighting.

October 2019 – Instruments are safe with the PoPS!

80 locks were purchased for the Bigelow Arts Department to secure the instruments in the new lockers provided by NPS.

October 2019 – Let there be LIGHT!!

The new light board will be installed and an in-service will be paid for by the PoPS in the coming weeks. The tech crew is hoping the light will always shine brightly on our actors and musicians at Bigelow with the new house lights and now the improved stage lighting!

October 2019 – Making music real! 

The Pops will support a workshop and concert on October 18th by recording artist and songwriter Jean Rohe and her band. 7th and 8th grade chorus is singing her song “National Anthem: Arise! Arise!”. The opportunity to meet singers and songwriters brings music to life for the students in a unique way, we are pleased to support this venture!

See pictures here.