Auditorium Renovation

Have you noticed how tidy our auditorium seems this winter?  Did you attend your child’s concert in what seemed like a much larger venue last month?  If so, then you are enjoying the first steps in a school wide effort to improve our precious community resource – the Bigelow Auditorium.

This shared space is constantly in use as both a performing arts venue and a classroom. It hosts grade level assemblies, CASC presentations, Band, Orchestra, Chorus, city wide singing groups, in-school Drama class, after school Drama club, parent meetings and more.  

As of January 2019, the improvements below have been completed:

  1. A large storage container was bought and installed behind the theater to store large set pieces and seldom used props out of the auditorium, and to clear the hallways of such items as ping pong tables and boxes of extra books
  2. Pest extermination was completed
  3. Crumbling steps outside emergency exits were repaired
  4. Ripped and damaged stage curtains were replaced and rigging was brought up to safety code
  5. Spotlights were purchased (thanks to the PoPS) that will be in use for the upcoming Shrek musical

And there is much more to come. In conjunction with NPS, we hope to improve the safety and functionality of the space even further. A few of the items on our wish list: new tech booth, safety lighting in the aisles, improved acoustics, updated stage lighting, stronger overhead lighting in the audience area, fresh paint, and new carpet.

All these improvements, as well as future upgrades, are possible thanks to the planning, coordination and advocacy of the Bigelow Committee for the Improvement of the Auditorium as well as your generous financial support to the Bigelow PTO and the Parents of Performing Arts Students (PoPS).

Thank you!