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Register for in school COVID Testing

Consent forms for the NPS COVID testing program are now available in Aspen. You ARE REQUIRED to provide consent for your student to be tested. Please log into Aspen to sign the consent form. Here is the Aspen Login Link. Please follow these instructions for accessing and signing the consent form.

Testing is scheduled to begin in mid-September.

Here are the details on the state-sponsored multi-tiered COVID testing program administered by CIC Health:

  • Symptomatic Testing: This protocol (a rapid test), will be used for students and staff who develop symptoms while at school.
  • Test and Stay (Close contact testing): This protocol (a rapid test) will be used to test unvaccinated asymptomatic individuals who have been identified as close contacts following possible exposure at school.
  • Routine (Weekly) COVID Pooled Testing: This protocol (anterior nasal swab) will be used for all individuals who opt-in to participate in the weekly COVID testing program.

Why should I opt into the “Test and Stay” COVID testing program?

To limit disruptions to school attendance and learning. The “Test and Stay” program eliminates the need for your unvaccinated student to quarantine if they remain symptom-free and continue to test negative at school (vaccinated students are exempt from this testing program and remain in school.) Instead of quarantining at home, the unvaccinated close contact student comes to school. The student is tested using a rapid test for at least 5 days from the date of exposure. If the student remains asymptomatic (no symptoms) and does not develop symptoms, the student does not miss any school.

Having trouble logging into Aspen? Email:

Fall PTO Meeting: Tuesday 9/28 @7pm

Save the date for the first PTO Meeting of the year: Tuesday, September 28, at 7pm.

The meeting will take place in person & remotely (

All Bigelow parents, guardians, teachers and staff are members of the PTO, and we encourage the participation of all in its activities. We are dedicated to providing support and information to the parent community and promoting the core values of the Bigelow Middle School by supporting an environment wherein they will develop respect for self and others, a sense of responsibility for oneself and community, and love of learning.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Safe Routes to School – Would you like to represent Bigelow?

Newton Safe Routes to School works to increase the number of students walking and biking to school and around the city for their health (active transportation) + reduce congestion and improve air quality by reducing the number of vehicles arriving at school.  The Task Force works as a group with NPS and the city on any number of issues such as fixing safety issues, supporting crossing guards, resolving snow clearing problems, conducting bike and pedestrian safety training, etc. Working together SRTS is able to achieve more than individual schools.

Would you like to represent Bigelow at the Task Force?  Please contact if you re interested.

Click here if you want to learn more about SRTS in Massachusetts.

PoPS Volunteer Opportunities

The Bigelow PoPS are all of us, the Parents of Performing Students.This community of dedicated parents was created by former Bigelow Parents of Performing Students in 2008 to support the performing arts through advocacy, fundraising, coordination, and volunteering and had been very active in that mission since.

Get involved! The PoPS have continued to support the performing arts department behind the scenes this year financially and whenever students or faculty has needed a hand. Your kids work hard in theatre and performances please help PoPS help them and consider volunteering next year. Please email to get involved!

Any parent or guardian who has a student in Orchestra, Chorus, Band, A Capella, and Drama are welcome and encouraged to participate in the PoPS and support our students and performing arts faculty.


Bigelow PTO Family Directory

The Bigelow PTO Family Directory is hosted online at Membership Toolkit. The access is free and it can be used by all Bigelow families. The directory is run and funded by the PTO thanks to your support!

The online platform is a secure and easy to use tool that organizes contact information from all Bigelow families unless they specifically opt out.  It is a convenient, environmentally conscious system, that can be updated throughout the school year.

Please confirm that your information is correct and up-to-date. Specific directions for accessing the Directory and verifying contact information is below.

Incoming 6th graders from Underwood, Lincoln-Eliot and Ward, have been automatically added to Bigelow’s Directory. The Membership Toolkit account for Bigelow will use the same login as your elementary school. Mason Rice and out of the district families will need to enter their information manually (see directions for new users below).


Instructions: Accessing and Adding/Verifying Information

  • Login as RETURNING USER, using the same login as last year at Bigelow or your elementary school, if you are:
        • Returning Bigelow family
        • Incoming families from Lincoln-Eliot, Underwood and Ward
  • Login as NEW USER, and create a new account if you are:
    • Incoming families from Mason-Rice and out of the district
    • New families with students in Grade 7 and Grade 8
  • Click “Verify my email” and then check your email for a link to complete the process. The link expires in 2 hours. If you do not receive the email, check your spam or junk folders.
  • Once you have verified your email address, log back in and finish the registration process.

STEP 1: Complete the Parent/Family and then Student Information. Most of this information should already be available. Please just confirm it is correct. Or add new contact information.

STEP 2: Complete theDirectory/Publish Preferences.

Note: Once the Primary Account is set up, the Primary User can “invite” other email addresses to access his/her account. This allows the Secondary User to have their own login information, but still have access to the family account.

If you are unfamiliar with the platform, if you have forgotten your directory access login, or if you are unsure about whether or not you are in it, please email us with your name and your child’s name(s) at

The success of the system is dependent on every family logging in and updating their information. Families can edit their name, address, and phone numbers, and each family can decide which pieces of information will be available for others to view through the privacy settings.

2020-21 Yearbook Update

Yearbooks will be distributed to seventh and eighth graders who placed an order last year during lunches on Tuesday, September 14th.

We have a limited supply of extra yearbooks for sale. Students who did not place an order but want to purchase last year’s yearbook can do so on Tuesday during lunches as well. The price is $25, cash or check’s made out to Bigelow Middle School.