New storage space

Bigelow is in the process of upgrading our auditorium! As part of this large initiative to improve the space, the PTO helped to purchase a storage container that was installed on the side of the school last week. This will be shared between the Drama program, who will use it to store large set pieces and seldom used props out of the auditorium, and by the larger school community to clean up the hallways of such items as ping pong tables and boxes of extra books. THANK YOU for your continuos support of the PTO!

“It took about 5 hours and the combined efforts of 50 students, 2 custodians,  and 3 teachers, but 90% of the set pieces are now in storage! We had a great team of girl power doing some serious heavy lifting, graciously loaned by Mr P, Ms. Fitzgerald, and Mr Whitman- THANK YOU! The tech crew sorted all the pieces in the cafeteria, tossing the redundant or otherwise unneeded pieces, and storing the rest. At the end of callbacks all the actors came and helped with the final push. There’s still work to do, BUT it is already a MAJOR upgrade. Just not having random wood everywhere makes the auditorium seem so much nicer.  I’m so grateful for the PTO’s support of this project, as well as your children’s big muscles!”

Jaime Alberts