The Bigelow auditorium got new house lights

Thanks to the planning, coordination and advocacy of the Bigelow Committee for the Improvement of the Auditorium (CIA) which includes the Bigelow PTO and the Parents of Performing Arts Students (PoPS), the Bigelow auditorium is being gradually renovated. In the summer, NPS Facilities Department invested in new lights.

Message from Jaime Alberts, Bigelow Music and Drama teacher:

“THE BIGELOW AUDITORIUM GOT NEW HOUSE LIGHTS! It is UNQUESTIONABLY the biggest single improvement to the auditorium that has happened in the 13 years I’ve been at Bigelow. 

Everyone’s really excited- several people thought it got repainted because it looks so different. The biggest beneficiaries, of course, are the students and I, and we wanted to show our thanks! So we made a thank you music video.”