At Bigelow, students have the opportunity to go outside at lunch time – and they need your help!

Laps at Lunch is going to be back this week! This is a great program designed by Bigelow to give students a daily opportunity to get outside for movement and fresh air. Bigelow is the only middle school in Newton to offer this opportunity, thanks to the commitment of educators who believe that it’s good for our students well being and their academic success, and also to the invaluable help of volunteers!!! (On a side note, Brown and Oak Hill have reached out to us to help them implement similar programs).

Parents and caregivers are needed to make this program available to our students!

Laps at Lunch allows students to walk laps around the inside perimeter of Burr Park once they’re done with their lunches in the cafeteria. Would you like to help? If interested please contact Mary Fitzgerald (physical education teacher) at: about the program here.