Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year!

Dear Bigelow Families,

We hope this note finds you well, and we are excited to welcome you and your student(s) to the 2021-22 year at Bigelow Middle School!

As parents or guardians of students at Bigelow, you are all members of the PTO. The PTO acts as a liaison between parents and the school, helps to build community and foster communication and fundraises for the priorities set by Bigelow.

Please, take a minute to read about the Bigelow PTO’s purposes and what it does to promote the core values of the Bigelow Middle School, by supporting performing arts, technology and lots more for our children and the school. The Bigelow PTO is a volunteer organization and your participation enriches the school environment.

We were truly gratified by the support and generosity you showed the PTO last Spring and through the end of the year. We are fortunate to be part of such a wonderful community and we look forward to serving you in the coming year.

We wish you and your students a very successful year!

If you have questions for the PTO, please contact us at bigelowbulldog@gmail.com.


The Bigelow PTO Board – Gabriela Kroszynski, May Chen, Linda Gillespie and Sukanya Ghosh