How will my student get to Bigelow this fall?

This summer NPS partnered with City departments and Newton Safe Routes to School  to identify and implement safety improvements on routes to schools*. A page with transportation resources for Bigelow is available at the Safe Routes to School website: check it out!


  • Two entrances will be open for students: the front entrance at Vernon for students coming from the North and the Gym entrance, at the parking lot, for those coming from the South.
  • Bus Zone moved to Arlington St. Yellow buses will drop off and pick up students on Arlington St. Please AVOID driving on Arlington as cars cannot pass the buses. See map here.
  • Changes in traffic and parking regulations around Bigelow in light of Covid. See here.

At Bigelow, we are hoping that more students will walk or bike to school!** Let’s start planning how your student will get to class if they are in the hybrid model.

  1. Walking: Lots of students walk to Bigelow every day. Walking with friends is always fun – and a healthy activity to start the day**. If your students would like to participate in a walking group, please fill out this form and we will help you connect with other families.
  2. Biking: Bigelow has bike racks in front of the school and at the parking lot on Park Street. Safe Routes to School crowdsourced routes to Bigelow in Ride with GPS. We recommend that your student test these and find what works best for them. If your student would like to participate in a bike train, please fill out this form and we will help you connect with other families.
  3. Bus: Bigelow Middle School is served by both yellow school buses and the MBTA. New this year: Bus Zone on Arlington St. Check out bus routes and schedule for Bigelow and an interactive map of NPS bus stops by schoolMBTA Bus 57, at Park St. and Elmwood. METCO students will find their bus stops hereVisit the NPS School Transportation webpage for more information.
  4. Car: Please, help minimize traffic immediately around schools. If you must drive, find an area to drop off and pick up away from the school to avoid getting caught in school traffic and to make it safer for everyone. This also prioritizes access for those students who do need to be driven. Work with your student to find a location that works for your family. Find suggestions here.

Please note temporary changes in traffic and parking and regulations around Bigelow  Read all communications from Mr. Harrison about arrival and dismissal protocols very carefully as there might be more changes.

Getting students to school safely is a community effort!

* More details about school transportation at the Return to Learn Plan.

** Walking or biking to school provides part of the physical activity students need to arrive at school ready to be in control of their bodies for the day and ready to learn. Active transportation also helps to  improve air quality around schools, and children are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of air pollution, which are linked to asthma and other respiratory diseases, such as Covid-19.