Traffic and Parking Regulations near Bigelow – Fall 2020

Bigelow is located on a busy corner. If you have to drive, please drive slowly and yield to pedestrians. The safety of our children is paramount!

We encourage students to walk, bike or take the bus to school. Lots of resources about how to get to Bigelow on foot, by bike or by bus at the Safe Routes to School website!

It is important to obey all traffic signs and parking regulations in the area – note temporary changes due to Covid. Please:

  • Drop-off and pick-up allowed on Vernon St. and on the right hand side of Park St. Pull over to the curb and pull as far forward as possible. Drivers should not leave their vehicles.
  • Please AVOID Arlington St between Waverly and Park, as it is now a Yellow Bus Zone
  • Do NOT park on the left hand side of Park St. It is marked “No Parking.”
  • Do NOT stop in the middle of the street to drop-off or pick-up students.  This blocks the flow of traffic and is unsafe.
  • Do NOT block the entrance to driveways or parking lots.  Be respectful of our neighbors’ property and access.
  • Do NOT park and leave your vehicle in the designated bus pick-up zone on Arlington St.
  • Do NOT park in the handicapped parking spots in front of the school unless if you have handicapped tags.
  • Respect the speed limits posted in the school zone.
  • Please turn the car engine off. Idling is against the law and car fumes are bad for kids health. Turning the engine off can reduce children’s exposure to pollutants, save money, help the environment, and avoid a fine.
  • Inform all family members and caregivers who pick-up or drop-off children at Bigelow of these procedures.

PLEASE NOTE temporary changes to Traffic and Parking regulations around Bigelow: Letter and Map.