NPS Learning from Home

Thank you for your patience as we have worked with our NPS administrators and faculty to determine the best way to provide learning opportunities to our students during this extended school closure. 

Resources – Grades 6-8

As many of you have quickly learned over the past few days, it is not possible to truly replicate the traditional PreK-12 school day at home. School is a place where learning is engaging, creative, and differentiated. It is a place where students receive academic, as well as social and emotional supports. And so, while we cannot re-create the school day at home, we can provide you with resources that will provide continuity of learning for our students during this uncertain time.

On this page, you will find links to resource pages our teachers and staff have compiled for families. The resources are divided by level (PreK-5, Middle, High) and many are further divided into “Review and Practice,” “Games and Activities,” and “Extend Your Thinking.” These materials and activities are not intended to replace classroom instruction or to substitute for it in any way. They are meant to help your student remain connected to school and engaged in learning and to help you, as parent/guardian, create routines to help manage at home while we are out of school.

Resources – Grades 6-8

Over the next three weeks, teachers will be reaching out through weekly communication to their classes with specific recommendations for learning activities that students and families complete each week. These activities are grade appropriate and can be completed by students independently or with support from their family. Special education staff, English language learning teachers, and counselors and other staff are also available to communicate with students and families. In addition, we have developed a Frequently Asked Questions document to answer questions you might have.

If you need access to a device or assistance with internet connectivity in your home, please visit our technology page for more information.