Bigelow Learning from Home

Note from Mr. Harrison:

You can expect:

●      Your child’s team teachers will be in touch with you and your child via email or video by the end of this Friday, and then once a week afterwards.

●      Team teachers will share with your child learning activities for each week. The learning activities will be standards-based grade level content activities that may review material already learned and deepen understanding. They will not serve to teach new content, be collected or graded, or be used as assessment toward term grades.

●      In addition to the learning activities shared by teachers, NPS has created online resources called “NPS Learning from Home” that can be found by following the link below:

●      Guidance counselors will be available to connect families with community resources and offer social emotional support. They are also a resource for questions about connecting with teachers.

●      Special Education liaisons will be in touch weekly to ensure that students on their caseload have access to enrichment activities and to support students’ social emotional needs through virtual connections.

●      The Bigelow administration will be available to respond to parent inquiries. The best way to reach us is via email, which we will be checking daily.

●      All Bigelow faculty will be checking emails daily.

●      I will send out a weekly email or video in an effort to maintain our strong community connections.