White Bird: One School One Book 2023

Last week Bigelow students discussed White Bird by R.J. Palacio and participated in several activities as part of the One School, One Book Program.

Students began the day by identifying and discussing “Moments of Greatness” within the book. Moments of Greatness is acknowledging an act of kindness or when someone stands up in support of someone or against an injustice. Next, students heard from guest speakers who survived the Holocaust, Dr. Hans Fisher and Werner Salinger. Finally, students were given an opportunity to reflect and debrief with guided question.

Thank you to everyone involved in organizing and planning this event for our students, especially Ms. Guzzi, for so thoughtfully putting together this learning experience!

Finally, thank you to all Bigelow Families for your support of the PTO! It is through your support that the Bigelow PTO is able to underwrite special programs like One School, One Book for our students.