Message from Bigelow Teachers

Hello Bigelow PTO parents,

The staff at Bigelow would like to say THANK YOU, to all of you who stood out on November 3rd in support of our ongoing fight for a fair contract.  Your support really means a lot to every one of us.

For those parents who were unable to attend, but are looking for ways to help the educators of Newton get a fair contract, here are a few things you could do:

  • Sign up for the Newton Parent Educator Collaborative Here
  • Request a lawn sign Here
  • Sign up to deliver a public comment at a future school committee meeting, stating why you think the educators of Newton deserve a fair contract Here
  • Email or call the School Committee and demand that they stop playing the public relations game and focus on actually negotiating a fair contract Here
  • Email or call the mayor and demand that she make additional funds available for the settlement of a fair contract Here
  • Email or call your city council members and encourage them to do everything in their power to direct more money to NPS Here

Again we thank you for everything and anything you are willing to do in support of us securing a fair contract.

Thank you,

The educators of Bigelow Middle School