Thank You Ten Tables Organizers and Hosts!

Thank you to all who made last Saturday’s Ten Tables a success!

Huge thank you to our fearless organizers, Carolyn Gillespie, Charlene Gillespie, and Shana Smythe for pulling off this spectacular evening!

Special thank you to Charlene Gillespie & Brian Hillburn, who welcomed everyone to their home to start the night off with appetizers.

Thank you to our gracious dinner hosts:

Elizabeth & Jim Gagnon
Allison & Dave Penn
Becca & David Connors
Samantha Morton & Mike Champion
Kathy & David Shields
Gabriela Kroszynski & Shahar Layani
Priya Radakrishnan & Krishna Iyer

Finally, another special thank you to Shana & Dan Smythe who welcomed everyone back to their home to end the evening with desserts.

Thanks to your efforts, we raised $2,500 to support Bigelow and our students!