Bigelow Tea

We would like to have our traditional Bigelow Tea on Thursday May 5th during Teacher Appreciation Week this year! We hope every family can contribute something to this event and to show the Bigelow teachers our appreciation with a personal touch!

Sign up here:

If you’re not a baker, there are slots for sending in drinks, fruit, flowers, or making a poster. We just ask that food be presented in single portions. Please do not send in anything that needs to be cut, and label common allergens (e.g. nuts, dairy, wheat). 

Please deliver food directly to Bigelow on Thursday morning either yourself or send it in with your child to be delivered to the main office. If necessary, food can also be delivered to the home of Charlene Gillespie (42 Waterston Rd. Newton MA) on Wednesday evening or on Thursday morning (by 10am at the latest).

Many thanks in advance!

Susan St. Pierre, Karen Yee, and Charlene Gillespie