Something From Nothing: A History of Hip Hop, a virtual presentation from Corey DePina for 7th graders

Bigelow is excited to welcome back Corey DePina. In “Something from Nothing: A History of Hip Hop”, Corey will take students through the early history of hip hop and its four elements – MC-ing, DJ-ing, breakdancing and graffiti – to inspire them with the possibilities of creating something positive out of nothing. This virtual workshop will take place on January 21st at 9am and will features storytelling, rap performance, free-styling demonstration and activities that bring groups together to improvise beats verse or movement, adding in their own style and spin. Corey is a skilled rapper and workshop leader whose work as a facilitator for local and national non-profits and community centers has earned him numerous awards, including: the 2008 Good Neighbor Award from East Boston’s NOAH, the 2008 Community Leadership Award from Jamaica Plain’s Hyde Square Task Force, the 2011 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards, President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, and the 2014 Best Initiative, Best Youth Worker of the Year. He is also the Director of Programs for Zumix Boston.

Sponsored by Creative Arts & Sciences and the Bigelow PTO.