What to expect on the week of April 26-30

From the Principal’s Office

Monday and Tuesday, April 26-27, are our last two days of the split-hybrid model.  However, as an “on-ramp” to full in-person learning on Wednesday, April 28, we would like Cohort B students to remotely attend their classes during the mornings of Monday and Tuesday, April 26-27.*  Instead of doing asynchronous work on these mornings, we believe it is better to have full hyflex classes, with both the in-person cohort A students and and as many remote cohort B students as possible attending together. 

On Monday afternoon, April 26, during Advisory, we will share a powerpoint presentation with all students about our current and new procedures, e.g. lunches, for the remainder of the year.

*New in-person students who are in cohort B and are signed up for the Orientation Tour on Monday morning, 8:30-9:00am, should still attend the tour.