Get Involved: Join the Bigelow PTO Board in 2021-2022!

Hello everyone,

The time is fast approaching when we will need to vote on the slate of new PTO Board members. Please see here the list of open positions.

I have found being involved in the Bigelow PTO to be so rewarding, and have enjoyed my tenure as President these past two years. The Board and I are honored to be part of such a vibrant and generous community that has consistently supported all the programs and services the PTO funds. We have a wonderful group of Chairs for various committees, who have provided great opportunities for our students, teachers and staff. I am always struck by the willingness of parents and caregivers to carve time out of their very busy schedules to volunteer for the PTO. Especially this past year with the difficulty of COVID-19.

This coming year will be quite transitional as Bigelow will have a new principal and students will be returning to the school full time. It will be more important than ever for the PTO to support our teachers and staff for the benefit of our children.

So I hope very much that you will consider taking a role in the PTO next year. There are many ways to help, based on how much time you can spare. We are happy to chat with you if you have any questions about any position. You can email us or we can set up a time to chat.

For your guidance, we will vote on the new slate of Board members in our Spring meeting (time TBD).

Thank you again for your consideration and support of the Bigelow PTO!

Karen Markson and the PTO Board