Spring Survey from Families Organizing For Racial Justice @ Bigelow

Bigelow FORJ is a school-based chapter of Newton’s Families Organizing for Racial Justice (FORJ).(See more at www.forjnewton.com).  We are a group of devoted parents and faculty committed to raising anti-racist children who acknowledge the pervasiveness of oppression and marginalization.  We invite parents and children to engage in critical conversations that support questioning, interrogating, and dismantling of white supremacy, including anti-Blackness and all forms of racial injustice.

We were so excited to have many parents attend our discussion sessions in November (about having conversations about the book “New Kid” with your child).

Now we are looking to plan other activities that would be of interest for the rest of this school year. Please help us understand your interests and needs by completing this brief survey.  We would like your response by 2/5/21.

Thank you!

Bigelow FORJ