Newton Schools Foundation Liaison needed!

The mission of the Newton Schools Foundation is to advance excellence in the Newton Public Schools. To that end, NSF supports the professional development of educators, new approaches to teaching in the classroom, and programs that address both racial and income inequities to enable all students to achieve their full potential.

The NSF Board would like to collaborate with the Bigelow PTO to strengthen the relationship between our school and the NSF donors who fund these programs.  With a better understanding of NSF’s mission and available funds, the Bigelow PTO will be able to encourage Mr. Harrison and teachers to apply for NSF grants that will enhance educational opportunities in Bigelow, and advise NSF of supplemental programs we are exploring which might be grant-eligible.

In an effort to create this collaboration, we’d like to invite a member of our parent community to be a liaison to NSF. The time commitment is minimal but the impact can be significant.  Find the NSF Liaison Description here.

Want to learn more about the logistics of the role of school liaison and the expectations for this new relationship going forward, and to familiarize you with NSF?  Attend Zoom meeting with NSF’s two co-presidents, Liz Hiser and Rhanna Kidwell for Tuesday, December 15 at 7:00 pm to further discuss:

Meeting ID: 858 7956 1438 – Passcode: 786028