From the Principal: Let’s get ready for the new week schedule

If you’re coming to school this, please make sure you check your Google calendar for the rooms and times of your classes before arriving at school so you know where to go.

Cohort A/A+ students should arrive between 8:05-8:15am next Monday and Tuesday and report directly to their first period classroom. Cohort B/B+ should arrive at the same time, 8:05-8:15am next Thursday and Friday, and report directly to their first period classroom. Distance student will receive zoom links for these classes.

Teachers will be present in the hallways to help you find the location of your rooms, but will not have easy access to your schedule.

  • Sixth and seventh graders should bring their Chromebook laptops.  Eighth graders should bring their own devices.  Make sure you recharge the laptop battery the night before coming to school, and bring the recharging cord and your earphones/microphone with you.
  • If you are cohort B, B plus, or Distance B, and are doing asynchronous work on Monday and Tuesday, please check your teachers’ Schoology pages for the assignments you need to be working on.
  • Distance students should log into the zoom links for their morning classes on Monday and Tuesday, or Thursday and Friday, when the hybrid students are in-school. The links are in your google calendar.

Finally, here is the list of things to bring with you if you are coming to school this week.  Your teachers will tell you if you need anything else when you see them.

  • backpack
  • 2 masks
  • laptop and recharging cord
  • earphones/microphone
  • warm and dry clothes (for going outside at mask breaks)
  • paper
  • pencils and pens
  • refillable water bottle
  • independent reading book.

If you or your child have questions about our re-opening on Monday, I encourage you to view the video powerpoint about the start of the Split-Hybrid Plan:

Finally, a reminder that if you are travelling out of state this week, we require that students follow state regulations and quarantine for 14 days after returning to Massachusetts or get a negative COVID test before returning to school.

Let the school year begin again! Go Bulldogs!

Mr. Harrison