Chromebooks for 7th graders ready for pick-up

The Chromebooks for 7th graders have arrived! If you have not gotten your device on Friday you can pick it up on: Monday, November 9, 12-4:30pm or Tuesday, November 10, 8-12noon

Please come to the front entrance on Vernon Street during these times, and ring the door bell. A staff member will bring your child’s laptop and recharging cord  to the front door.

Each student has been assigned a device and will be given one unless they already received one this year or notified the IT Department in advance about a Spring handout still in use. All students should have their own personal headphones with a built-in microphone. An earbud/microphone set is recommended.

Please see the Chromebook Use and Care Quick Reference which includes information on connecting the device to your home wireless network. Also linked is the Secondary Acceptable Use Guideline Poster that we share with students every year. Please review it with your child before using the device. We expect the laptop to be used for school-related purposes.

Students should charge their device every night, and bring it along with their recharging cord and headphone/microphone set to and from school every day that they attend in-person classes. The laptop and related equipment should be safely carried in a backpack. We recommend that you get a case for it. Students are responsible for its safekeeping, and should never leave it unattended in an unsecure location.

Chromebooks for 8th graders are not ready yet; we will let you know when they are here.