Master schedule

Bigelow is rolling out the new 10 Day/2 Week schedules on Tuesday, Sept.29.

1) Teachers will send students new zoom meeting invitation links by Tuesday morning. These will populate your children’s google calendar, and are their primary “one-stop-shop” schedule, with all classes and meeting links in one place.

2) Here  is a color-coded student schedule template for week 1 and week 2.
During Advisory on Tuesday morning, teachers will show students how to fill in each week using their day to day Aspen schedule.  Once complete, students will have a color-coded schedule with all class times.  This version is a secondary  schedule for your child. Your child can complete electronically as a google.doc, or if you have prefer, you can print out a hard copy for your child to fill out by hand. Extra color-coded hard copies are available at Bigelow.
Download PDF here. Download Word document here.

On Tuesday, the school will offer a “help desk” in case a student has any difficulty with this new 10day/2 week schedule.  Please email if you have questions on Tuesday.