Bigelow Cohort and Cluster Assignments

Cohort Assignments will be posted in Aspen next Wednesday, Sep 9. Please be in the lookout for an email from the Newton Public School about how to look up your child’s cohort assignment. The information will indicate:

  • Hybrid A (Mondays and Tuesdays)
  • Hybrid B (Thursdays and Fridays)
  • Hybrid C (All days depending upon your child’s ELL schedule or IEP)
  • Distance

Hybrid C students will begin attending classes in-person at Bigelow on September 16. Hybrid A and B will start the year online and then attend classes on their designated days in-person when the hybrid model begins in mid-November. Distance learning only students will learn online all year.

Changes to these assignments are very difficult due to the complexity of pairing siblings and balancing class sizes across numerous schools and grade levels. We will consider requests but cannot make any promises. There may also be a delay of 3-4 weeks before any changes can take effect in order to adjust staffing

Cluster/homebase assignments posted in Aspen on Friday, Sep 11. Parents will receive an email when the cluster/homebases are posted. These are the official assignments. (Earlier this summer, Aspen was open momentarily, and some students were able to see unofficial assignments.).

If your child feels disappointed in their assignment, please share optimism with them about it and the new school year. Your attitude can go a long way in helping them approach the many challenges and changes of this new year with a positive, growth mindset manner. Changes to these assignments are not possible, due to the intricate process of assigning students by hand and balancing cohorts, classes, and clusters.