Explore Mr. Swan’s Resources on Current Civil Rights Protests

We invite students and families to explore with the 8th Grade class some resources organized by Mr. Swan, Bigelow Civics teacher.

From Mr. Swan, Jun 11 – 

“As perhaps you can imagine, in my role as a Civics teacher, I have felt uniquely overwhelmed by the news cycle of local and worldwide events, emotional turmoil, public outcry, and Big Ideas swirling around the past two weeks. [So] today I introduced a new task that dives straight into the middle of all those swirling issues. […] Students have 5 days to explore at least 5 boxes in this Choice Board. […]

I designed this board to include a variety of formats, faces, and voices; multiple potential topics of interest; diverse target audiences; and reliable, credible, professional information sources. I only included resources that are middle-school appropriate, although the language and concepts of certain items may be challenging for some 8th graders. Also, I had families in mind when creating this board. Perhaps multiple members of your household could each explore a row or a column, and share what you learned with each other. There are so many reading lists, social media posts, and other items flying around — maybe this format will help to structure and organize the exploration. Of course that will not be possible or appropriate for every family’s situation.”