Message from Principal Harrison – May 15

Dear Bigelow Parents,

I hope you are well.

If you haven’t had a chance to view the music video made by Bigelow staff that I emailed to your children this morning, please do so.  As the music and signs convey, we miss seeing your children in person, and want to send our words of encouragement to them.   We know how hard this long disruption has been for them, so I hope the video gives them a lift.  Here is the link:  Bigelow Music Video

Although we still have many details to work out, I want to give you preliminary information about plans so far for the end of the school year.


A virtual eighth grade graduation ceremony will take place on the morning of Thursday, June 18.  The NPS middle schools and high schools are working with Grad Caster by Dynamic Videocasting to produce a professional, high quality, pre-recorded, live- streamed graduation program.  This video will showcase many of the features of a typical Bigelow graduation ceremony.  There will be remarks by myself and a staff member, thoughtful speeches by selected eighth graders, beautiful artwork by students, moving music by members of the chorus, and individual recognition for each 8th grade student–all in an online format.  Because it is online, all members of the Bigelow community–sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, all staff, and family near and far–can view it, either livestreamed on June 18 or at any time afterwards on the Bigelow website. An individual certificate and mementos for each eighth grader will be mailed home as well.

We can not recreate the communal affections and embrace of the real event, but we want to give our eighth graders a special experience that can be shared with their immediate family nonetheless.   More information about the specific time of the event on the morning of June 18 will be forthcoming.  We will also send directions for how students, with your help, will each record and submit a five-second pre-recorded individual video image of themselves “crossing the threshold” as their name is announced.

Locker Belongings

In addition, we are making plans to return students’ locker belongings to parents in mid-June.  Using the homebase teachers’ locker lists, I will work with our custodians to identify and unlock each student’s locker. The contents (minus any “ripe” food) will be bagged and labelled.  Then, we will have a grocery-store style curb-side pick-up.   Following a schedule according to homeroom, parents will drive-thru the Bigelow parking lot and receive their child’s bag. This will also be an opportunity to pick up Bigelow clothing if your child ordered any earlier this year, and for your child to return any text books or library books from home. No date has been set for this pick-up yet, and there may be changes to this tentative plan as we figure out the details.  I will keep you informed.

Online Auction

Finally, if you haven’t checked out the PTO’s online auction yet, please do so. There is a dazzling array of items donated by parents and caregivers. Many are favorite items, restaurants and services offered by local businesses, and are available to the highest bidder. You can also make a money donation. This is a great way to remotely purchase a special gift for yourself or a loved one, AND to support the school.  More information can be found at the PTO website:

Please say hi to your children for me.  Be safe. Be strong. And be Bigelow 3.0!

Best regards,