Please clear your sidewalk so students can walk safely to school

Newton Residential and Business Snow Ordinances – new for 2019!
  • Residents must remove snow and ice from their sidewalk to a width of 36 inches within 24 hours of snow falling. The fine for failing to do so is $50 (after an initial warning).
  • The snow removed must be placed on the owner’s property and not on the street or sidewalk. The fine for “dumping” snow is $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second, and $300 for the third.
  • Certain business and mixed use districts must remove snow and ice within 12 hours.
  • For the complete ordinances and exemptions, click here

If uncleared sidewalks are keeping you or your children from getting where you need to go, report them on 311. Download the app, snap a pic, note your location, and hit submit. Be specific with your concern and category. You may report anonymously or login.

Thank you for clearing your sidewalks so all can walk safely!

More at Newton Safe Routes to School.