Information about Newton Teachers

Many parents have asked the PTO what the status is of the contract negotiations with the teachers and the city. Please find below some information

As part of their contract negotiation campaign, Newton Teachers are taking additional action. On November 5th Bigelow teacher’s stood out in front of the school to let the community know they are working without a contract. According to the Newton Teachers Association:

  • Beginning in November, teachers will discontinue participating in voluntary committees.
  • Beginning in December, teachers will remain silent during department and citywide meetings. They will continue to remain silent during full faculty meetings.

“We will not work in the normal ways we work, we will not go above and beyond, and, most importantly, we will not contribute to the district’s ability to advance its initiatives until negotiations are completed. Our goal, in escalating from full faculty meetings, to departmental and voluntary meetings, to, eventually, professional development, is to prevent the district from moving forward initiatives–to bring these to a grinding halt.” (Mike Zilles, NTA President)

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