Thank you for making the Appreciation Luncheon a success!

The teachers and staff at Bigelow enjoyed a wonderful lunch last Wednesday.

A warm thank you to all that contributed with your time, financial support and delectable food to the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon. A special thanks to Siobhan and Mike Wheeler for providing music to the celebration. Another Big thanks to Miriam Alandydy and Andrea Hemment for leading this effort for us.

And to all of you:

Alexandra Novina, Anna Casajuana, Anne Yang, Aoife O’Dwyer, Beth Hicks, Cindy Henry, Deb Orourke, Debra Byer, Emilie Tucker, Gabriela Kroszynski, Gershona Fein, Giulia Monti Guarnieri, Holly Georgiadis, Janet Rickershauser, Jenn Goldberg, Jennifer Murphy, Joana Canedo, Judy Kelly, Judy Stern, Karl Schmidt, Krista Chavez, Kristie Mattioli, Linda Gillespie, Lisa Camesano, Lisa Kirby, Margaret Murphy Smith, Megan Flynn, Megan Flynn, Meredith Andrews, nissanai sonauta, Qi Guan, Rachel Laurence, Rachel Zoob-Hill, Rebecca Schulman, Roberta Laredo, Sandra Kelley, Shana Smythe, Sharon Sender, Shital Gandhi, Tatiana Zlateva, Tere Carmona, Tracey Wolfsdorf, Tripti Thomas-Travers, Violeta Prisacari, Wendy Chow, Wendy Kritzer, Yanming Wu.

Cleaned dishware can be picked up in the Main Office.