Supper Stroll – Dinner and Dessert hosts still needed!

The Supper Stroll is one of the most enjoyable fundraising events for the Bigelow community. The success of this event depends on your willingness to open your home to a small group of parents/guardians, teachers and staff on Saturday, November 4th and enjoy a lovely meal while supporting all the great programs and activities at Bigelow.

This year several families volunteered to host dinners and appetizers – THANK YOU!. But we still need 4  more dinner hosts and a family willing to open their house for dessert. Please consider hosting or cohosting with another family.

If you are new to the Bigelow community, or feel like you don’t know very many people, take a chance – it will be fun! If you have any questions, concerns, misgivings, just feel like you don’t quite understand what this is about and how it will work, please email us. More information  here.