Bigelow Supper Stroll

The Supper Stroll is a festive adult evening of food, fun and conversation. It has been one of the most popular fundraising events at Bigelow for almost a decade – a great way to support our school and our children while enjoying the lively company and culinary expertise of Bigelow families!

The Supper Stroll is a progressive dinner and is held at several homes in succession on one November night. A single course is served at each home. Everyone meets at one house for drinks & light appetizers. There you find out who you are going to have dinner with and you  receive your dinner hosts address. Then you go to dinner in groups of 6-8. Finally everyone meets at another house for dessert.

The Supper Stroll is a great opportunity to strengthen community ties, meet new people, and talk to other parents, teachers and staff in a casual setting.

In 2018, the Supper Stroll will take place Saturday, November 3rd.

Please consider opening your home for the Bigelow community in November. You can host the evening kick off, offer one of 10 dinners or have the dessert gathering.

If you are new to the Bigelow community, or feel like you don’t know very many people, take a chance – it is always  fun!

The Supper Stroll

Appetizer 6-8pm – Appetizer Host Home (100 guests)

Dinners 8-10pm – Assorted Residences (ten host homes with 8-10 guests each)

Dessert 10-11:30pm – Dessert Host Home (60 guests)