Celebration of Queer Culture

Saturday, June 17, 10:00-2:30 p.m.

City Hall, War Memorial

The mission of the “Celebration of Queer Culture,” is to highlight and provide education for parts of queer culture that are usually erased or taken out of the spotlight.  In partnership with the City of Newton HHS, the Human Rights Commission, the Newton Youth Commission, Lasell University, and the New Art Center, we will highlight queer history, queer art and the intersectionality within the queer community. This will be achieved by celebrating with a queer art display, a community art project, a queer history presentation, a resource fair, a panel highlighting queer high schoolers of color, music, and more! This is an event created by young queer people that creates an informative and welcoming space where queerness is not just tolerated, but celebrated.

In addition to the event promotion, we are seeking young queer artists to showcase their talent as part of the event.   We want to include as many perspectives and as much artwork as possible.  If you could share this flyer as well, that would be great!

Artist Application Google Form: https://forms.gle/8ywmbYL7yy3FinJ5A