Our Biggest Fundraiser of the Year is 12 Days Away!

Dear Bigelow parents/guardians,

First, we would like to thank our wonderful community for the generous donations to our upcoming auction. Thus far we have some awesome sports memorabilia, kitchen gadgets, and pamper yourself items! We are still in need of your help!

There are some decorative boxes at the entrance of the school for themed items. We are still in need of cooking, beach, spa and arts and craft items. The boxes will now be there until Wednesday, May 5th.

We know that this is a busy time for everyone, but we need your help! Not sure what to buy!? No problem-look below for some ideas.

  • Grade 6 needs craft items such as foam paper, glue sticks, craft items, DIY kits.
  • Grade 7 think of your favorite spa day and pick up some items and drop them off at Bigelow’s front door. Nails, hair, facials, aromatherapy items all are appreciated!!
  • Grade 8: thank you for the hot gloves, cookbook and cookie cutters. Still looking for mixing bowls, silicon baking sheets, molds, whisks and spatulas. Items to melt like chocolates or mixes.
  • For all grades- thank you for dropping off Beach items; beach balls, ping pong, beach towels sunscreen, frisbees and beach pails.

Currently we have many exciting things to bid on such as a BBQ themed basket, an amazing homemade brunch and passes to spin and yoga classes!

Don’t have time to buy something to donate? Let us do the work for you. Simply click on the link below and make a monetary donation.

$25$50 – $75  – $100  – $150  – $200  – $250  – $300

Mark your calendars for May 14th! We will be sending instructions about how to make your bids so don’t miss out!!

You may be wanting to bid on one of the many beautiful gift baskets for either yourself or as a gift for someone else!

Again, we thank you all for your support. Don’t forget Wednesday’s deadline!

Alexia Giannakopoulos (alexiag5@yahoo.com) and Ruth Somers (rsomers201@yahoo.com) Big Night Co-Chairs