6th and 7th grade get-togethers

Over the last two weekends, the PTO organized get-togethers for students to meet in person outside of the school. We held 11 gatherings at the backyard of host families all across Newton and in Boston for over 70 students – mostly 6th graders but also a group of new 7th graders!

The feedback we got from the hosts was very positive and the parents indicated that their students had a terrific time and loved being in person with old and new friends.

Social interaction is so important for children and families and we are planning to have more social events in the coming months! Stay tuned for a Scavenger Hunt on Halloween and for a new version of our Ten Tables event.

If you would like to participate in organizing these or other events to bring our community together, please let us know! Contact us at: BigelowBulldog@gmail.com