“Stamped” Book Club for Teens and Tweens

Hi all, we’re excited to announced that, thanks to FORJ enthusiasm, we have put together a 4-session book club on Stamped.  Here are the details:

  • It’s for tweens and teens, we have youth from 5th to 12th grades participating.
  • Young people from all locations are invited — Florida, Maine, Kentucky, Tortola, Newton…
  • Each of the 4 sessions will happen on Wednesdays from 5pm-6:30pm (EST), starting Aug 5th.  It’s totally fine if you need to miss a session (or two); we know August is vacation for some and start of school for others.
  • It’s designed to be fun and interesting — Akim Jocelyn is our lead facilitator.  He is a rising senior at Newton South HS and has recruited a diverse group of his classmates to facilitate small groups via Zoom.  Everyone will be in a group of 4-5 peers of similar ages and will have plenty of time to ask questions and share perspectives.
  • There is a sliding scale for payment from $10-100.  We want to pay each of our facilitators and the more money we raise, the more they get.
  • The reading load is manageable.  The book is about 250 pages and so each session will cover 60-70 pages.  My son Becket, who’s 10.5, and I have been listening to the audiobook read by co-author Jason Reynolds and are learning a LOT — so far about the role of the Portuguese, William Lloyd Garrison, the Haitian Revolution, and Jefferson.  It’s so engaging that he gets into the car and asks to put on Stamped.  We have the hard copy too, which we’ll read through before each session.
  • Signup and more information here: Workshops and Events — Conditioning Leaders

Please me know if you have any questions.  The sign up is on Madeline McNeely’s website (she’s a Bigelow FORJ mom and is hosting it for free) — pass on to your friends and relatives too!

Workshops and Events — Conditioning Leaders

Thank you and have a great day,

Kate Carpenter Bernier