Honor Your Child’s Teachers and Support Newton Schools Foundation

The school year is quickly coming to an end! If you want to do something special for your child’s teachers or other staff this year, consider the Newton Schools Foundation’s Honor Thy Teacher program.

When you donate to NSF in the name of one or more teachers, notifications will be sent to each teacher honored, as well as to the Principal and the Superintendent. Teachers’ names will appear in a special announcement on the NSF website and in the Newton TAB. If you have kids in elementary school, look for a letter coming home in backpacks or via US Mail for those with students in the upper grades. You can also donate online at www.newtonschoolsfoundation.org/honor-thy-teacher.

Your tax-deductible donation will support NSF-funded grants to the Newton Public Schools encompassing art, civics, math, music, science, social and cultural studies, literature, writing instruction, and social-emotional learning.

For a complete list of current grants and check out a video on NSF-funded programs visit http://newtonschoolsfoundation.org/programs-we-fund.

Thank you, parents and guardians, and thank you to all our educators!