Bigelow’s Civics Day: All parents invited

Please join us for Bigelow’s Civics Day on Tuesday May 22nd, 8:45 -10am. The day will begin with a parent coffee in Bigelow’s library at 8:45am, when Jean Singers, Bigelow’s 8th grade history teacher, will speak to parents from all grades about proposed changes to the Massachusetts history/social studies frameworks.

Following the parent coffee, cluster 8E students will be presenting civic action and advocacy projects they have been working on this year, as part of the Generation Citizen pilot program Ms. Singer is leading. Generation Citizen is an action civics curriculum in which students identify issues in their community, research the root cause and then advocate for change.

Focus issues proposed by the students:

  1. Dress code in Newton schools: gender biased language
  2. Healthy food in school cafeterias: Meatless Mondays
  3. Affordable Housing in Newton: zoning redesign
  4. Marijuana use amongst teens: drug prevention education

Bigelow’s Civics Day
8:45-9:00 Tea and Coffee
9:00-9:15 Program introduction
9:15-10:00 Student presentations
Parents from all grades are welcome to arrive or leave at anytime

Please RSVP to Ms. Singer: