Bigelow ADL Peer Training Program

Programs at Bigelow

The Anti-Defamation League’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute Peer Training Program provides students in the middle and high school with the opportunity to increase their understanding of the causes of prejudice and its manifestations such as name calling, bullying and cyberbullying. All four middle schools in Newton have an ADL Peer Leader program.

Working closely with Bigelow’s advisors, Kyra Mercado, Kim LeQuire, and Stefanie Dalfior, the trained students from Bigelow will take an active role in leading workshops for their peers during school to promote inter-group dialogue and understanding as well as respect for individual differences.

The Peer Leadership commitment involves a weekly planning meeting, as well as various opportunities to share their skills and knowledge.  Bigelow has 32 7th and 8th grade peer leaders this year. Students are nominated by their teachers, and the selection process of students to become Peer Leaders includes the criteria:

  • Students who represent a wide variety of social groups within Bigelow Middle School  and students from each of the Bigelow teams
  • Students who are actively kind and compassionate at school
  • Students who consistently listen to their peers and adults at school
  • Students who have expressed interest in skills of facilitating
  • Students whose actions at school have shown they are part of the solution

We want to thank our sponsors for their food donations in support of the program:  Wegmans, Star Market, and BJ’s.