8th Grade Activities

This is the final year of Middle School for 8th graders! The transition to High School is almost as exciting for families as it is for the students. So students can have the best 8th grade year possible and celebrate their moving on from middle schools, family involvement is key!

In order to have a successful year, parents can help! 

8th grade families are in charge of raising funds for the Graduation Reception and Celebration, in addition to a class gift to the school. Also, traditionally, 8th grade families raise money for the Cyndi Dailey-Smith & Howard B. Smith Scholarship Fund, which was created to ensure that all students are able to participate together in all field trips, including the end-of-the-year 3-day trip to New York City. 

Please note: Due to Covid-19, there’s uncertainty regarding 2020-2021 events. 8th grade families will be updated on which events will happen and how. 

8th Grade Activities Committee

Class of 2021 Committee Co-Chair: Gabriela Kroszynski 

Every year a committee is formed to organize all of these fun events. Please let us know if you are interested in being part of the 8th Grade Activities Committee or if you would like to volunteer for specific tasks. The Committee will make sure families know what is going on by sending emails and reminders.

The Committee is responsible to organize the many special activities for the 8th grade students throughout the year. In the past, those activities included:

September Bake Sale First fundraiser of the year, during Back to School Picnic
September/October Carwash and Bake Sale Fundraising activities.
November Election Day Bake Sale Another fundraising opportunity in election years. 
November Grade 8 Turkey Bowl A spirit-filled flag-football game between clusters E and F. Usually happens in the morning on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
December Grade 8 Ballroom Dancing Students perform ballroom dancing, which they learned in their Physical Education classes. Parents invited
February/ March Introduction to Newton North and registration Classroom teachers will discuss courses, visit from Newton North faculty, choice of electives, etc.
May/June 8th Grade 3-day trip Students go to NYC for 3 days
June Step up day Students visit Newton North to meet some teachers, hear from administrators, and learn about clubs, sports, and other opportunities in the high school
June Graduation Ceremony Morning before the last day of school
June Grade 8 Evening Party Same day as the Graduation Ceremony. Boston Boat Cruise or Dance at the Gym.