PartyLite Candle Sale

Just in time for the upcoming holidays, we are selling a variety of  candles and scented sticks as a fundraiser for student programs at Bigelow.

Students will bring home packets on Friday, October 27th, with photos and descriptions of the products on sale, and an order form.

All orders should be returned to the main office by November 9, Monday, November 13th (the deadline was extended!), with checks payable to Bigelow Middle School.  Delivery is usually in 2-3 weeks and all orders are shipped directly to the student’s home address. Or if an out-of-state relative makes an order, we can arrange to ship it directly to their address.

Top selling students will win prizes and be entered in a raffle for a grand prize. Check out here.

PartyLite Candles are a mixture of natural essential oils, the highest quality food grade paraffin, and soy wax.  This combination results in a lower melting temperature that completely liquifies but is still able to release a lot of wonderful aromatics.  Since the wax is food grade you can recycle the jars for anything you want.  Some of PartyLite candles’ features are:

•    Cruelty Free; No animal fats used
•    Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and safe for children and pets
•    100% cotton wicks; no lead
•    No “tunnelling;” candles burn all the way to the bottom
•    All wax is made in the USA, and derived from a renewable resource and biodegradable; no chemicals
•    Fragrance throughout; scents formulated to be combinable creating a unique thir signature fragrance
•    Burn’s up to 50% longer; does not stain walls or ceilings.

Take a look at the catalogue.

Fragrant samples are available in the school main office.  Stop by for a sniff!

Sponsored by the Bigelow Middle School and the Bigelow PTO.