Bigelow International Food Network Project

Note from the project team:

Food traditions are often featured in family and cultural celebrations.  On December 21, 2018, each Advisory will host a Winter Break Celebration. Bigelow students and staff are encouraged to bring in foods to share that have meaning in their families and/or cultures.  

To help continue building our Bigelow community, we would like to start a public collection of the recipes that represent our diverse backgrounds.  We anticipate making this collection open to all families and staff. If you would like to include your family recipe on our public site, please email a member of the Bigelow International Food Network Project Team (addresses below) with the following information:

  • Student Name / Family Name
  • Recipe Title
  • Country / Culture of Origin
  • Ingredients & Quantities
  • Steps
  • Story: Tell us why this food is important to you. What is the connection / significance to your family and/or culture?
  • Optional: Photos or Videos of your food or its preparation

Bon appétit!  Buen provecho!  B’tayavon! Buon appetito!  Bom apetite! Sahtein!

Bigelow International Food Network Project Team