Green Decade School Outreach Meeting, June 11

The last meeting for the year of Green Decade School Outreach will be on Monday, June 11, at 7:45pm at the home of Eric Bobby, 334 Auburndale Ave.  The agenda is to review and agree on next year’s proposed plan:

  1. Support 3 themes:
    1. Waste Reduction – increase participation in recycling at all schools; participate in the compost pilot; roll-out a city-wide catalog reduction program
    2. Agri/Garden/Food initiatives – continue to foster connections with Newton Community Farms, leverage Whitson’s Food Service, and support outdoor school gardens
    3. Outdoor Classrooms – learn from Countryside’s outdoor learning initiative and expand the long-term planning for other schools eg Burr
  2. Grow outreach channels and communication:
    1. Participation at PTO council
    2. Secure representation from 100% of elementary schools and at least 1 middle school
    3. Regular meetings with City of Newton and School District
    4. More communication eg Green Decade newsletter and Tab
    5. Regularly compile and share green updates e,g., Eco-teams opportunity