Physical Eduction News – Written Fitness Test March 4th – 9th

The Fitness Unit in P.E. will be ending March 1st. All students will be taking a written Fitness test that will test their knowledge of terms, muscles and principals of Fitness. This test will be fifty percent (50%) of the 3rd term’s grade.  Students have been participating in fitness unit since December.
The study Guide for the test can be found on the Bigelow website under daily assignments. Scroll down to FAA/PE Myers. Click on study guide. All students will have one day of review during PE classes and the test will be given in the next PE class. Testing will be done from March 4 to March 9th. The third term ends on the 16th.
All students are encourage to download this information and to come see either Mr. Prendergast or Ms. Myers if they have any questions.
There are no re-takes of the test.