6th Grade Potluck

The 6th Grade potluck is a Bigelow tradition to gather parents and guardians from all four feeder schools on an informal setting. It’s a fun way to start out the school year!

Would you like to host the 6th Grade Potluck in September for incoming 6th grade parents and guardians?

  • You can co-host with another 6th grade family
  • You can set in in the backyard, porch or indoors – it’s your choice
  • Veteran Bigelow parents or guardians are encouraged to host, as well as new parents to the Bigelow community
  • Usually it’s a Friday or Saturday night from 7-9, casual & less than 40 people gathering
  • The PTO will help get the word out and help answer any questions

Please contact the PTO bigelowbulldog@gmail.com if you have any questions.