Please consider volunteering to support the purpose/mission of your PTO. There are myriad opportunities and lots of flexibility – whether you are able to come to an event or send off a few emails during a break in your busy day, every bit of effort helps and any amount of time you can contribute to support our children and their school is invaluable!

The following list of tasks and positions will grow as the year progresses and we are thrilled to have so many names on it already:

  • Election Day Bake Sale Coordinator(s) and Volunteers –  Frieda Dweck, Anush Sahakian, Shana Smythe, Carol Pelon, Heidi Gardner, Deborah Fredberg, Carly Semerjian, Tripti Thomas-Travers, Beth Panella, Andrea Hemment, Michelle Freedman, Ann Nguyen, Nicole von Rekowsky, Valerie Pontiff, Joana Canedo, Hongtao Guo, Agi Sardi, Macy Tubman, Ning Pan and [Your Name Here]
  • Restaurant Fundraising Partnership Coordinator(s) – Tami Ireland, Anush Sahakian and [Your Name Here]  — several area restaurants (New Ginza, Not You Average Joe’s, Little Thai Cafe) have expressed a strong interest in partnering with Bigelow to donate a portion of their proceeds to the PTO every time someone from our community dines there and mentions Bigelow – we need parent volunteer(s) to help put this program in place)
  • Coupon Book Fundraiser Coordinator(s) – Marcia Heron and [Your Name Here] — KidStuff is a great collection of coupons for many local stores, restaurants, venues and attractions, which many (if not most!) Bigelow families already patronize. Each coupon book that the PTO sells will bring money directly into Bigelow and each family buying a coupon book will recoup the price of the book after using just 1 or 2 coupons and will continue enjoying the great savings through December 2017!
  • Grade-Cluster Parent/Guardian Volunteers – [Your Name Here] — If you are familiar with the concept of a “homeroom parent” then think of this as the Bigelow version. We need 2-3 parents/guardians in each cluster to be community leaders by disseminating important information, rallying support, coordinating events and activities.
  • E-Newsletter/Communications Coordinator – Anush Sahakian and [Your Name Here] — Help collect, prepare and send bi-weekly email newsletters, update the PTO website, etc.