Thank you to all those who helped with the Teacher Appreciation Tea

A warm thank you to all that contributed your time and delectable food to the Teacher Appreciation Tea this week. The teachers and staff at Bigelow enjoyed the wonderful spread. A special thank you to Magda Duchnowska for leading this effort for us!!

THANK YOU: Akiko Schultz, Alexandra Novina, Alexis Giannakopoulos, Amy Kendall, Ana Kales, Andrea Hemment, Anna Olivella, Anne Reenstierna , Aoife O’Dwyer , Beth Hicks, Beth Secinaro, Claudia Doherty, Debbie fredberg , Frankie Kervin, Heather Pozen, Heidi Gardner, James Bryant, Jinglei Mei, Joanne Simpson , Judy Kelly, Krista Corr, Kristin Golden, Kristin Heyer, Lena Sheehan, Lisa Camesano, Macy Tubman, Maren Rossman, Maria Farrah Howell, Marianne Votta, Meridith Welch, Michelle Welford, Pongha Smith, Shelagh Heurtebize, Terri Bancroft, Tracey Wolfsdorf, Tripti Thomas-Travers, Zlatev

An “edible arrangement” especially prepared for the Bigelow Middle School teacher and staff by a 7th grade parent