School Supply List 2018-2019

School supply lists for next year for each grade and for world language classes are now posted on the Bigelow website.

It is not necessary to purchase all new materials — the school and the PTO encourage you to re-use quality materials from the past. Now, as the year ends, is a good time for your child to clean out — and clean — her or his backpack and take stock of belongings that can be used again next year. The PTO wrote about this a few weeks ago, with tips on how to clean and reuse, and also about reusing and recycling.

Newton Public Schools continue to encourage students to “lighten their load” by reducing their backpack weight. Please see the attached letter from the School Council on this topic. In Bigelow’s ongoing effort to minimize the weight that students carry daily, the number of binders that students need next year was reduced, and all students will be trained to store their backpacks in their lockers during the school day next year.